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Crculus enables financial institutions to safely store and transfer digital assets

Crculus was created to address the structural imperfections of the institutional digital asset custody market and uses cutting edge technology to create accessible, scalable and harmonious digital asset ecosystems. The Crculus TechStack sits in between the application and operating layer and is a key piece of middleware infrastructure to enable interoperability between multiple custodians.

One of the greatest issues with the Digital Asset market today, is that whilst transactions are executed and cleared in minutes the lack of Institutional infrastructure and interoperability prohibit full Financial Institution adoption. We believe our enterprise grade solution fulfils financial, regulatory and operational requirements for institutions looking to enter the market.




The Group In Numbers



Our management team have worked at global financial institutions such as NYSE Euronext, Lloyds, Barclays, Shell, JP Morgan, HSBC, Santander.

Volume transacted by clients


Through our existing foreign exchange and precious metals platform, we have completed over 1 trillion USD notional in trades on behalf of clients.

Total number of trades


Clients have completed over two million trades across our existing systems.

Number of clients


Global financial institutions trust us every day to meet their foreign exchange and precious metals execution requirements. 

We want to hear from you if you have experience in the institutional financial markets, and are interested in custody and cold storage. Above else, we are seeking engaged

individuals looking to make a difference in the digital space. 

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Meet the Team

The Crculus TechStack sits in between

the application and operating layer

enabling operability between

multiple custodians. 

Thomas Soede


Manu Choudhary

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Siwek

Chief Revenue Officer

Ashwind Soonarane

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Myers

Chief Product Officer

Chris Park

Chief Finance Officer

Michael Idzkowski

Head of Sales


Senior System Architect


Senior Developer (C++, Java, Python)


Custody Solution Engineer

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